Panono Panoramic Ball Cam

Capture stunning 360° panoramic images with the Panono Ball. A perfect combination of camera and tossable, trowable ball.

Innovated by Technical University of Berlin student Jonas Pfeil, It makes use of a clever design that includes 36 evenly spaced lenses that work together as one camera system.

The fun thing about the Panono ball is that is specifically aimed at camera newbies and people who want to have a fun new experience when it comes to taking pictures. Users can simply toss the ball up into the air, and the integrated accelerometer will estimate when it will reach its highest point in the air, then …snap, instant 360° panoramic image.

Now having such an innovative camera without having a way to display your wonderfully shot pic. Panono have created a smartphone app that receives captured images from the ball cam in real time.

The birds-eye perspective is very good choice for busy locations, such as a parties music festivals or conventions, taking in absolutely everyone and everything happening at the time.

How tough is it, well interestingly enough, the Ball Cam’s exterior is made from the same clear, water resistant material as the famed GoPro action camera.

Pfeil and this team are now he developers are now pinning production hopes on a successful IndieGogo funding campaign and have already raised US$340 000 of their US$900 000 target*




  • 360° x 360° images
  • 72 Megapixels on each camera lens
  • Makes use of the Panono Mobile App for image display and shutter control
  • Clear, water proof plastic housing

The Panono Panaramic camera ball is breakthrough in technology and, with good funding and a good marketing campian, should make its way to great commercial success.