Parrot’s newest drone has wings.

Over the past few years the form of the customer Drone has taken the shape of a quadcopter with four rotors on a body supported by two legs for takeoff and landing. Parrot has recently unveiled its first drone that ditched the quadcopter design and instead put wings on it. The Parrot Disco is the first fixed wing aircraft you can pilot with no learning process.

To take off, you simply toss it in the air and its autopilot and its many sensors permanently control its flight. When you are done, it will land on its own and the ultrasound camera on the bottom assist to prevent crash landings.

The Parrot Disco marks a big leap for consumer drones as it moves away from the quadcopter design. So far Parrot hasn't announced a specific release date for the Disco, but says it hopes to have it in the market by the end of 2016.


View this video for more on the Discos prototype flights.