Safe and Secure online shopping in South Africa

Updated January 2016

You can be sure of safe and secure online shopping within South Africa on the Action Gear website. Our eCommerce site goes through regular and thorough checks with various payment and security systems including Visa and Mastercard to ensure that it is continually safe for your shopping convenience. 

While our website has been assessed and approved for credit card transactions in SA, we still process credit cards throguh our partners Setcom and PayU which are two of South Africa's leading payment gateways. Each and every payment is secured and it is processed externally to our site on their payment gateway. Even though you may not notice you are in fact temporaily diverted from the Action Gear site to the payment gateway when you are asked to type in your details. This ensures that even if we wanted to, we still don't have access to your credit card details. 

Updated internet browsers like Chrome may offer to remember your credit card details but this is saved on your computer and we have no access to this. Chrome offers this for your convenience so that you don't need to re-type the details each time. 

Addditionally, our payment parners like eBucks and Discovery have very stringent security measures in place which we have to adhere to so this can put your mind at rest that we are fully above board and that your details are fully secured when shopping on the Action Gear website. 

If you are still hesitent then we do have the option for you to check out your order now and email us an EFT proof of payment. This lets you confirm your order and then process the payment via your bank. Please however note that we require that the funds are cleared before we will dispatch the order. 

We trust that after reading this you now trust us but if you have any questions at all then please feel free to contact us, ready About Us or see our Meet The Team page. You might also want to read about our 30 day returns policy, our privacy policy, or see some of our customer testimonials

Otherwise please click here to return to our home page to begin your shopping experience with Action Gear :)