The Cardboard Bike

Who would have ever thought that you could make and ride a bicycle made completely out of recycled cardboard.

The innovative bike is made from about US$9 worth of cardboard and is being unveiled to the world by inventor Izhar Gafni. Izhar aims to create full scale production by the end of 2014 with his main target market the underdeveloped regions of Africa.

The bicycle itself is made out of a mixture of cardboard and plastic. The seat, frame, wheels and hadle bars are made with this material, with only the tires made from rubber. The total weight of the bike 9.5 KG and can support a rider of up to 220 KG.

Izhar and his business partner aim to to mass-produce their bike based on the prototype and retail it for US$20, with a unit cost of US$9 to US$12.


"Since there was no know-how with regards to the cardboard material, the first two years were devoted to learning the properties and behavior of the material," explains Gafni.

After the shape has been cut out, the cardboard is treated with a waterproof and fireproof coating specially created by Gafni, before lacquer paint is applied over the top.

With many interested in the bike, the company which runs this concept, Cardboard Technologies, is a long way off from raising the required US$2 Million.

Great idea, but with the concept bike being low on cost but potentially high on production, only time will tell if this innovative concept get off the ground.