The ELEV 8 Quadcopter Kit.

The ELEV 8 is a fantastic RC controlled quadcopter made by electronics company Parrallax. Once fully completed, the ELEV 8 fill offer you the ability to fly an awesome copter that is stable, fast, maneuverable. 

Unlike other quadcopters, the ELEV 8 comes in a kit and requires the owner to assemble the quadcopter from scratch. Putting the ELEV 8 together does require a little mechanical knowledge and know-how. If you are a newbie to quadcopter assembly, a quick YouTube tutorial search along with careful study of the included manual with make the setting up time a lot faster.
In the kit, you receive a frame, mounting hardware, motors, speed controllers, propellers and a control board for stabilising your quadcopter. A RC remote is not included though.
Its minimal design offers an opportunity for additional attachments such as a camera or sensor to be mounted on board. It is perfectly suited for outdoor flight.


If aerial photography is not your thing, the ELEV 8 system also gives you the opportunity to get a look into the world of quadcopter mechanics and design. Being open source based, one was the opportunity to modify the both the software (firmware) and add additional parts and mods to it. 

Key Features:
• Open source design files availability
• Modular Frame allows for fast repairs and swapping of parts.
• High Strength chassis.
• 4 KG payload capacity.
• Open under body for accessory and camera mounting.