The ikettle that lets you tap your screen to boil water.

Who would have thought that one day your kettle would be able to ‘message you’ when fully boiled.

That’s exactly what the innovative iKettle does. This little wonder comes complete with a fully functional iOS app for control of the iKettle.

Now what is the iKettle exactly? Simply put, it is a medium sized stainless steel kettle 1.8L that is equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled base station. This base station allows for inter-connectivity between the iKettle and a smartphone. Then the two are connected and on the same network, one can perform tasks and activate certain features.


Cool Features.

The iKettle app firstly lets you turn on your IKettle from any location in your house with a single tap of the virtual ‘on’ button. On top of that, the user can time set the iKettle to boil at a certain time. (good for early morning grump relief). In addition to turn on functionality, water temperature can also set to specific levels with the kettle also keeping the set temperature for much longer.

The iKettle is a cool device to have in your home. It is an awesome way to have a little ‘look what I have moment’ with friends or give a surprise tech treat for a partner.  The only gripe some may have with the iKettle is it price tag ($160+) with timed coffee makers at a fraction of that price.