The New DJI Phantom Vision 2 +

Skies all over the world are set for a bombardment of quadcopters with the release of DJIs new Phantom 2 Vision +.  Fans went gaga over the announcement of the company’s brand new model earlier this month.

This new release (coming soon to Action Gear) will surely keep our local aviation authority (South African Civil Aviation) on their toes as popularity of DJI products grows at an immense rate. Popularity of the Phantom has increased locally over the past few years because of its easy to learn controls and compatibility with the professional grade GoPro Hero 3 + action camera.

In an effort to keep quadcopter and drone use legal, DJI have added a new feature called No Fly Zone. This feature will allow one of two safety features. The first is a feature that prevents the Vision 2 + from increasing its height along the boundary of restricted areas. Secondly, the copter will automatically fly back to the operator when it reaches within a 100 metres radius of a no fly zone.

The New DJI Phantom 2 Vision +


The on-board 1080p HD Camera

The DJI App

What’s New in the Phantom 2 Vision Plus?

How can you improve on an already awesome product right? Well DJI have added a few tweaks and changes that are notably different from its predecessor. The Vision 2 + now has a new 3 axis gimbal system as opposed to the single axis found in the original Phantom Vision. This minor change now allows for even more shooting options, with users now being able to pan and tilt the camera in-flight. Shooters will also enjoy the new look down 180 degree angle that allows the camera to tilt straight down for stunning bird’s eye view imagining.

Wi-Fi connectivity range also gets an increase, with the connection now able to stretch out to a good 700 metres in good outdoor conditions.  The Wi-Fi feature connects to any compatible device for quick sharing and file transfer.  With the help of the DJI App for smartphones, users can make use of a real time, live view of exactly what the camera sees. This proves useful when you want to get your shot just right or if you just want to feel like you’re 100 feet in the air. Settings like video resolution, frame rate and shooting mode can also be changed via the app.

Speed freaks will enjoy the boost in flight speed which has been adjusted to reach a maximum speed of 50 metres a second.

When is the Phantom 2 Vision + coming to South Africa?

Action Gear will be stocking the new Vision 2 + from the middle of May 2014.

Pre-orders are available via and along with our famous customer service; we can safely deliver the quadcopter to any location, anywhere in the country.

Wanna know more? Check out our website for regular DJI product updates or email info at Action Gear to pre-order your very own.