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By Taryn McDonald The sun was up and my cats and I were safely tucked away in bed. I had overslept. In an attempt to not be so hard on myself anymore, I shrugged it off.  I had packed the night before and was super chuffed to see 9 kg of gear (minus the cats) squeeze into my Adidas backpack. I had been shopping around for a suitable pack, but hadn't yet found "the one". I was pretty nervous as I pushed my bike outside and waited for my Garmin 310XT watch to pick up satellites. I would be on my own, cycling...

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Written By Thato With annual marathons and runs being rolled, many people are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking one. From shorter distance family fun run to professional level ultra-marathons, there’s something for everybody. I’m sure running for a marathon has crossed your mind at some point in your life, but running one is not as easy as it looks. Tons and tons of preparation, both mentally and physical, have to be put into consideration before making a decision to enter your 1st race. Questions to ask yourself are, am I ready to spend a few hours running,...

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