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      How to Prevent Fogging on your GoPro

      How to Prevent Fogging on your GoPro

      Written By Thato

      Every now and again, we at Action Gear get this question. Why is my GoPro fogging up and how do I prevent it.

      Why does it fog up?

      Simply speaking, there are times when your GoPro, when inside the waterproof case, will fog up. The camera and case have a level of moisture on them received from air. When the environment around the two are hot or humid and if the camera heats up to a considerable level, the air turns into water vapour and sets onto the coldest surface it can. This is usually the inside of the case or on the surface of the lens.

      How to prevent it?

      Avoid opening the waterproof housing unnecessarily. This lets in moisture which will later turn into vapour and fog up the case.

      Store your GoPro in a dry place. This will keep moisture from getting onto the camera. You can store it with the housing on to better keep moisture off.

      Anti-fog inserts are a good way to prevent fog. These inserts are made of a material that adsorbs and stores moisture without becoming wet. GoPro makes specialist anti-fog inserts that work on all GoPro Hero versions. Each set (3 pairs included), can be used up to 4 times after which have to be oven baked in a preheated oven for 3 minutes.

      If you are not using your GoPro near water, try to use it without with the open backdoor to help regulate inside and outside temperature.

      Getting and using GoPro can be a thrilling and rewarding experience but every now and then problems can arise to ruin the fun. Using anti-fog inserts will greatly reduce chances of your camera fogging up. For those problems that you can’t fix yourself, Action Gear offers repairs and maintenance on ay GoPro camera whether or not you purchased it from us. For repair inquires drop us a mail at Log on to the Action Gear online store to see our excellent range of GoPro cameras and accessories.

      How do you prevent fogging? Share your wisdom with the Action Gear community @ActionGear or Action Gear on Facebook.