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Ocean Art

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I was on the beach early one morning when I noticed the waves crashing onto the rocks and spraying up into all different kinds of unusual shapes. With the sun rising in the background, it was quite a beautiful sight. I really wanted to capture the moment on my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver but the rocks were way too far out to reach, and GoPro's don't have a zoom function.
I soon found a big piece of rubble on the beach and lagged it to the shore. Much to my delight, when a wave came crashing onto the shore it would hit the rock and go shooting up, warping into these walls of foam.
How the shots were captured: After placing the rock on the shore, I set my GoPro on 10/1 burst mode and got really low behind the rock to capture the foam splashing over. Yes, I got soaked and yes, the water was freezing but it was all worth it for the shot! I didn't have my WOH Lang Arm at that stage but if I did I could have easily extended the pole, stood back and have waited for a wave to come.
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