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Velobeing - Vlog

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By Jacques Horn

For some, cycling is a very rewarding and entertaining past time activity, for others it provides a mean of transport. For me as a professional cyclist it offers the opportunity to look at my life from a very different angle than what the typical 23 year old student would. This is my first vlog post and I am planning on taking each viewer through my daily life from cycling training, commuting on my single speed - which I built myself – and the everyday life events as experienced by ME. I absolutely love my GoPro and take it everywhere I go because you never know what could be around the next corner or over that little hill in front of you. In this video I take you through my daily commute to my student job – I teach spinning classes at local gyms – as well a typical training ride with some of my fellow cyclist friends that live in the Pretoria area. We have fun whenever we go for rides and I hope that watching this vlog will provide you with the same amount of pleasure that I got from making it! 

Keep your eyes open for my next vlog! Until then…keep the rubber side down!


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