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      Reviews — Drift

      Drift Stealth 2 Specifications

      Drift Stealth 2 Specifications

      The Drift Stealth 2, the smallest and lightest drift camera yet! The “Drift Connect” mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices, is the perfect tool for shot setup, remote-control recording, photo capture, playback and sharing from your mobile device.

      By using the universal clip, the Stealth 2 is compatible with the full range of Drift mounts. Two must-have accessories for your Stealth 2 are the Waterproof Case and the Two-Way Remote Control. The Waterproof Case allows you to take the weather-resistant Stealth 2 under water to the depths up to 40m and can provide additional protection when filming extreme action shots. The wrist mounted Two- Way Remote Control features the same colour code as displayed on the camera, making the Stealth 2 even easier to use.



      • Car DVR Mode - Use the Stealth 2 as a Dash Cam
      • Time/ Date Stamp - Select this for overlaying time & date info on videos and photos
      • Video Tagging - Highlight the best parts to avoid endless editing later
      • 12Mp Photos - Super sharp and clear photos with great colour saturation
      • Timelapse Mode - Shoot timelapse in continuous 3Mp photos
      • Photo Burst Mode - Shoot up to 3 photos per second
      • Photos during a video - Take photos of 2Mp while recording a video
      • 1/4 Mount Thread - Connect the Stealth 2 to any universal mount
      • Replaceable Lens - Don't stress too much as this can be easily replaced
      • 135 Degree FOV - Get a wide shot but not a bent shot 

      Features Explained:

      Car DVR Mode:

      This hands off mode setting is ideal for insurance and security purposes. The Car DVR Mode automatically turns the camera on when power is supplied via the USB port. The camera then records footage in a continous loop style (CAR DVR Intervals) recording loop after loop until it fills the Micro SD Card. Once full the oldest loops will be deleted to make way for the newer footage.
      The current interval settings are 1min / 3min / 5min / 10min and 15min.

      Video Tagging:

      When activated, this feature allows the camera to continuously record video, but only saving on ‘tagging’ important footage. While recording video, pressing the MENU button will tag and save past, present and future video.
      For example, with a video tagging interval of 30s selected, on pressing MENU while recording, the camera will save the previous 30s, the current 30s and an additional 30s - a total of 1m30s of ‘tagged’ footage.
      The Video Tagging feature requires a micro SD card with 4GB of free space to function correctly.

      Simultaneous Photo:

      While recording video, pressing the MENU button will simultaneously take a still photo. When using the two-way remote control. press the ACTION button for the same result.
      This feature is available at 2MP @ 25/30FPS additionally Video Tagging (above) must be disabled as well.

      Status LED:

      Status LEDs located above the camera lens and on the remote indicate the current camera mode.

      Photoburst Mode - Cyan LED
      Timelapse Mode - Purple LED
      Photo Mode - Yellow LED
      Video Mode (Standby) - Green LED
      Action Mode (Recording / Capturing) - Red LED
      WIFI - In the Camera Settings menu, highlight the ‘WiFi’ option, press ACTION, select the tick and press ACTION. In Live Preview, wait for the WiFi indicator icon to show WiFi is enabled then, on your WIFi device, select the network ‘Stealth 2 000’.

      Drift App:

      The Drift mobile application has been released for both iOS and Android devices and is available for download on either the App Store or Google Play marketplaces, simply search ‘Drift App’. It can be used for shot setup, recording, photo capture and playback on your mobile device. 

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