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By Dave Estment It’s been challenging getting my DJI Inspire booked onto aeroplanes, due to its size and controversial looks, which caused airport security to give me a hard time – as if I were about to highjack the plane or something sinister like that. To address this issue, it was time to look for a smaller drone that could up the game technologically and produce even better imagery.The Inspire has served us faithfully for the last three years, producing world class HD video at up to 120 frames per second for amazing slo-mo footage that has blown our clients...

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Curious about some of the range specifications for the various DJI products? Search no more.  Here's a bit of useful information from our friend Grant recording the times at Pretoria altitude.  In South Africa, we fall within the CE Specifications, the same as Europe, and that means we are limited to half the transmission power as compared to the USA. DJI automatically adjusts the power output of the transmitters depending where the craft is being flown. This is not something that can be bypassed. SO LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE DIFFERENT MODELS: TYPE OF DJI DRONE:  RANGE SPECIFIED IN...

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By Wouter Du Toit DJI have released a video the past week and have their website setup to launch an event today (Tuesday 1st of March). If you want to see what is coming, I recommend you tune in today at about 6:40pm on the website and see what tech they are bringing to the drone industry. As the leaders in the field, I believe it will surely be of interest.   From the first Phantoms to the Phantom 2 with great advances we’ve been fortunate to see how the company has improved on the tech with regards to photography, gimbal stabilisation...

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