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By Wouter Du Toit DJI have released a video the past week and have their website setup to launch an event today (Tuesday 1st of March). If you want to see what is coming, I recommend you tune in today at about 6:40pm on the website and see what tech they are bringing to the drone industry. As the leaders in the field, I believe it will surely be of interest.   From the first Phantoms to the Phantom 2 with great advances we’ve been fortunate to see how the company has improved on the tech with regards to photography, gimbal stabilisation...

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By Dave Estment - professional photographer It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant new technologies are born, grow very slowly until someone realizes the full potential of the new technology, and then all hell breaks loose. A classic example of this is the combination of two fairly new technologies, which OV&P has adopted in our quest to remain at the cutting edge of our industry.Drones have revolutionised the film and photographic industries with their compact sizes, maneuverability and the ability to provide whole new perspectives to audiences, irrespective of the genre or subject matter being shot. What a lot of...

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