What To Expect With The New Phantom

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What To Expect With The New Phantom

By Wouter Du Toit

DJI have released a video the past week and have their website setup to launch an event today (Tuesday 1st of March).

If you want to see what is coming, I recommend you tune in today at about 6:40pm on the DJI.com website and see what tech they are bringing to the drone industry. As the leaders in the field, I believe it will surely be of interest.  

From the first Phantoms to the Phantom 2 with great advances we’ve been fortunate to see how the company has improved on the tech with regards to photography, gimbal stabilisation and flight, and it has brought it all together in a fun and usable way with the Phantom 3 range. It even launched a new Infra Red camera for the Inspire range  to be used to analyse buildings that are on fire to see where the fire’s core is, to analyse water distribution with regards to irrigation and land optimisation. They then launched the DJI OSMO which made the idea of capturing some professionally stabilised 4K video a possibility at a fraction of the cost of renting high-end production equipment.

The drone casings are mainly made in a white polymer, but this isn’t the only reason the company can be compared to be Apple. When considering Design, usability and the capabilities it offers it’s inline with one of the largest companies in the world.
So what do we know about this event tonight and what can we expect from the DJI team?  
The rumours we have are the following:
  • That the new Phantom is rather shiny instead of the matte white we know.
  • The motors will be enclosed from above so it is more and ‘protected’ and ‘weather-sealed’. 
  • The gimbal has been moved to the inside of the casing which will reduce issues with it. 
  • It will most likely be called the Phantom 4
  • They won’t launch anything for the Inspire range because the Inspire 1 is relatively new on the market. 
  • It won’t be waterproof
  • It won’t have retractable landing gear like that of the Inspire Pro
  • The camera can have a 6K sensor but this is unlikely due to most people not even having 4K televisions yet.
It seems as though they will focus on the camera mainly. Let’s see tonight!

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