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Written by Craig Rhodes-Harrison Towards the end of 2016, GoPro unveiled their new HERO5 camera platform. The show didn’t stop there though as GoPro went one step further by announcing the introduction of KARMA Grip, their first attempt at unlocking the ever-growing, hand-held gimbal market. It’s great to see GoPro fill the existing vacancy in their offering as effectively KARMA Grip is the answer to many GoPro user’s prayers who up until now, have had to rely on third party gimbals to satisfy their stabilization wants and needs. That said, there are several top quality, third party gimbals in the market,...

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Written by Craig Rhodes-Harrison In October 2016, GoPro unveiled the new HERO5 camera platform consisting of the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. On surface level, one might think that it’s just a costume change however when you dive into it, the HERO5 range has so much more on offer and a lot more bang for your buck. As per GoPro’s naming convention, the HERO5 Black is the flagship model of the range and for all intents and purposes, it’s an all-out powerhouse that scales to suit the needs of both personal and professional use. New And Improved: Getting into it, the...

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[Update on prices, stock and arrival!] GoPro Hero 5 Black GoPro Hero 5 Session GoPro Karma drone (retailing without the camera , delivery will take place end of April). You can also read about the delay of the drone back in Nov 2016. Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen Great Scott! How long have we been contemplating the release of the epic new GoPro cameras and the Karma drone. We even wrote a blog back in May 2016 with our predictions on the Karma Drone and Hero 5 cameras. With great anticipation and excitement, we (finally) introduce the Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session...

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