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GoPro In The Skies

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By Vhengani Emmanuel Mudzielwana

As the drone industry grows rapidly,  we see new inventions  from the new kids in the block 'GoPro' with the introduction of the Karma. Though the Karma host a whole host of features like the detachable gimbal to use on a handheld "Grip" which is practically just a simpler and more practical version of the "DJI OSMO".

The "Grip" to my view has an advantage over the "OSMO" for a simple reason that you get it when you purchase to Karma and from the videos posted by GoPro on they YouTube account appears to be water resistant, can use any camera from the Hero 4 and Hero 5 series compared to the not so flexible OSMO.

Unfortunately the Karma doesn't have any announced obstacle avoidance abilities nor the smart flight modes like "follow me" and "tap flight", you would've thought they'd put this in since this are the advantages of the big guys like DJI.

From the practical side of things,  the Karma with its included Grip offers a simple and quick transition from air to ground footage.

Take a look at the new releases from GoPro (announced on 19 Sept 2016)

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  • Versatility and practicality are so essential nowadays – excited to see it in real life – good work #GoPro and #ActionGearSA for providing us with accessibility to such technology!!

    Warren Hastings on

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