Sunrise Surfing In Durban

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Sunrise Surfing In Durban

Nothing beats a good surf and a beautiful sunrise.

I paddled into the water at New Pier early when it was still pretty dark with no one else out.

The waves were small, but fun and it wasn’t long till a few more surfers paddled out to enjoy the morning on the ocean. The thin strip of pink light just above the horizon faded away and the clouds lit up a pale orange tint.

Within minutes, the sun came up as a bright pink ball, creating its pink-yellow pathway across the surface of the water to my surfboard.

It was magnificent.

I stopped surfing and paddled far out to sit there, on the calm sea, staring at it.

Not one to miss an opportunity like this, my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition with me to capture the moment.


How the shots were captured: I used my surfboard mount and set my GoPro on timelapse mode with 0.5 second intervals. By setting the GoPro to take so many photographs in sequence, I am able to choose the best photos out of the selection. I also used a floaty backdoor for extra safety - a must-have when using your GoPro in the ocean!

To see more of my GoPro photos, check out my Instagram account: @natsdossantos

You can also check out my GoPro videos here


  • David Russell Davies

    Beautiful photos!!!

  • Ann Taylor

    Awesome Nats, great article and superb photos! Looking forward to more photos from you.

  • Tanya Jacobs

    Now if only I could surf! Awesome shots!

  • Chelsea Meintjes

    This post Is amazing! Great job nats i just feel the need to wake up at the crack of dawn to experience it!

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