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Water And Light

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My favourite time to go out and shoot is early mornings and evenings. As the sun begins to set it creates this beautiful, emerald lighting which reflects off the ocean's surface.
I swam out with my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver and my flippers one late afternoon at Ansteys beach, Durban. There were a few surfers in the water and I knew the lighting at this time would make for some epic shots.
The sea was so breathtakingly beautiful yet, completely unforgiving. 
By the time I had swum out to backline, one of my flippers broke in half and was nowhere to be found. The other was cracked and hanging off my foot. 
I still managed to enjoy every minute of being in the sea after laughing it off and silently dreading the long swim back in. 
I absolutely love being in the ocean and watching the waves break from underwater. It is truly a spectacular and humbling sight. My GoPro allows me to capture these moments of beautiful chaos and share them with others.
How the shots were taken: I set my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver on timelapse mode with 0,5 second intervals. I often use this mode so that I can just point my camera and shoot without missing a moment. I then look through all the photos and select the best ones afterwards.
I used my WOH Lang Arm extendable pole to get my GoPro close to the waves to get the shot without getting sucked in myself. The Lang Arm is great as it can extend to almost a metre and is strong enough to withstand the rough waves. 
My GoPro is always attached to this extendable pole when I am not using my surfboard mount in the sea. The tether, which is attached to the pole, is secured around your wrist and prevents your GoPro from getting lost in the sea if you accidentally let go of it.
I also had my floaty back door on my GoPro in case all else failed!
To see more of my GoPro photos, check out my Instagram page: @natsdossantos

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  • Thank you! Haha I would kill to get a drone, but I think I’ll be saving up for the rest of my life!

    Nats Dos Santos on
  • Beautiful photos!! Natalie I think you need to save up for a drone :)

    David Russell Davies on

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