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Testing The Eken Video Quality

Posted by Action Gear on

Action Gear have recently launched the extremely well price awesome little Action Camera known as the Eken.

The Eken is based off a GoPro and offers very similar function and features for a quarter of the price. Whenever I see products based of originals, I always ask myself, is it as good and can it handle the requirements needed of it.

Well, here you can find out. In the below video, I spent a few minutes having some fun using the different file formats of the Eken. I recorded a similar jump 3 times in HD, 2K and 4K so you can see the quality. Now, I know a YouTube video at 4K displayed on a HD screen will not give you the true resolution output. So, you can also download the files yourself and test them on your 4K screens at home. 



  • HD 1080 60FPS
  • 2K 24FPS 
  • 4K 15FPS



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