Why The Phantom 3 Is Still The Best Buy

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Why The Phantom 3 Is Still The Best Buy

All the hype in the last couple of days has been on the Phantom 4 with its cool new features, but we don’t think that upgrading from your Phantom 3 to a Phantom 4 is worth it at this point. Yes, the phantom 4 is an impressive new drone and is an excellent aircraft to buy if you have never flown a drone before.

A lot of people feel that they need to get the latest technology as soon as it is launched, but we are going to tell you how great the Phantom 3 actually is and what impressive results you can get out of it which will keep you on par with the Phantom 4. After all it’s all about creating great aerial images in stunning locations. Here are the reasons why we think you should be happy with the Phantom 3:

  • From a film making perspective, very little has changed. The camera still uses the same sensor, the exact same processor and controlling the drone is still mostly done manually. While DJI have made a few minor improvements to the drone, such as a new gimbal and new motors, these changes do not result in better footage. 

  • The Phantom 4 has obstacle avoidance, but if you can already fly a drone, why do you need that feature? DJI implemented the obstacle avoidance feature so that anyone can fly their drone. It is definitely a nice safety backstop, and could potentially prevent some crashes, but is realistically not necessary for skilled experienced pilots.

  •  Batteries and accessories will become cheaper over time for the Phantom 3. This trend has shown itself before, with both the Phantom 1 and Phantom 2. There is also no reason to worry about discontinues spares, as DJI still produce spares for all of their models. 

  • DJI are still backing the Phantom 3. Previously, new models that were launched have replaced the existing models. However, this time DJI have released the Phantom 4 to compliment the existing Phantom 3 range. This tells us that DJI will still continue to promote and sell the Phantom 3, and will continue to release firmware updates to improve the drone's features. 

  • The Price. While the Phantom 4 is expected to sell in South Africa for around R30 000, the Phantom 3 range starts at less than half of that price. The most popular Phantom 3 models, the Advanced and Professional, have both received Price drops following the launch of the Phantom 4. This means that it is now more affordable than ever before to own a professional level drone. 

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  • Chris van Zyl

    Collision avoidance only works if you’re flying forwards, but flying sideways or backwards is easy to do but intrinsically much more dangerous because you can’t see what’s there; flying forwards you see through the camera. I also have yet to be convinced that collision avoidance would pick up something thin, like a power line cable.

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