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Eken Action Camera First Thoughts

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I personally love an under dog. I’m not sure why, it might be the lack of commercial hype or the fact that something that no one quite expects can be incredibly good. 

The Eken Action Camera is an underdog! Listen to your self , “The Eken Action Camera???” That’s right – watch out WOH.

The Eken Action Camera is ‘knock off GoPro’ that has landed in the country. A week or two ago, I was fortunate enough to get one to play around with and test it before the big shipment came in.

The facts:

  • Similar size but lighter than a GoPro.
  • 4k Ultra HD Filming at15fps.
  • 2.7k at 24fps.
  • Waterproof (with housing like a GoPro),
  • Super wide angle,
  • 2 inch colour screen
  • Wi-Fi and Mobile app

My Opinion:

 At first glance, I found the device to be very similar to a GoPro. Once you take a closer look you notice a few difference like the mission LCD screen on the front, different colour Led lights and an overall darker build.

The lack of a LCD front screen isn't anything to moan about because the Eken has a 2inch touch screen on the back for the user to see what’s on film, change settings and review playback.

Making your way through the menu was incredible easy, much like any other tech device. The menu is well laid out and is clear enough to see, even in direct sunlight.

When filming with the Eken I found it to work just like a GoPro would… It simply worked. I took the Eken white water rafting and got the below footage. Its nothing great, but for me, my focus was testing the slowmo as I LOVE SLOWMO!!

You can see in the video below that there are no issues at all! This was hot at 1080p with 60fps, which my Hero 3 cannot do!


Who do I think can use an Eken?

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