Lonely, Quiet Rides No More

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Lonely, Quiet Rides No More

So too often when you training for cycling races or you just want to get out in the wilderness for a quick ride, you sometimes feel like it could do with some music right? No? Well, sometimes I feel like that, and that’s what I enjoyed a lot about the Buckshot Pro.


A speaker that isn’t just a speaker is crucial these days when it comes to portable speakers. The Buckshot Pro definitely meets this requirement. Not only can you play cool tunes wirelessly, but it’s also a rugged little device that you can attach to your bike, maybe on the neck under your seat, on the handle bars or even where your water bottle goes and the advantage of this is where you go, the music goes. And because it’s rubberized and waterproof it’s quite durable and resilient.

Besides being waterproof and rugged, it’s other capabilities include being able to plug a USB cable in to charge another device like your phone if you running low on a ride and you want to keep your phone charged for an emergency or to carry on playing tunes. Also, and this is super handy, and helped me on a evening training on the bike, it comes with a detachable LED light. Don’t expect the light to be able to light up the road and shine your path ahead of you, but what I do like about it, is it creates more visibility for you as a rider when you are riding on the road so that motorists and other cyclists are aware of you.

To be brutally honest, don’t expect as mind blowing sound to come from this little speaker, it is after all exactly that… a small speaker. But if you’re looking for a little device to keep you entertained along cycles, or even hikes which I used it for as well.

The Buckshot Pro is definitely something you can keep with you, without worrying about it getting damaged or fused from water damage… unless you fall off a hiking trail into a river gouge below, which in that case, the Buckshot would be the least of your worries.

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