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My Favorite Little Mexicans

Gear Review – Outdoor Tech (ODT) Los Cabos

I’m not sure why I called them that, to be honest… I struggle with the name I normally add in an Afrikaans twang rather than a Mexican one like the name is meant to be pronounced.

Name aside, these headphones are bad-ass. They are literally like the tougher, sportier cousin of the Tuis.

Lets get to it. The Los Cabos are Outdoor Tech’s latest answer to the ‘over head’ headphone war. Not that there is much of a war? How many sporty sets of over the head headphone are there? The Tuis was an awesome pair of headphones and I enjoyed using them for my travels and as my pre sport/job hype machines. I never thought there was much wrong with the Tuis and for ODT to come out and better them was a real surprise.










So how have they done it?

Lets start by talking about what’s the same.

Both Models have:

  • Amazing sound,
  • Leather ear phone
  • Fit really well,
  • Have a sophisticated and strong build,
  • Come in flashy boxes,
  • Look sick,
  • Side mounted tactile Bluetooth controls.


So what’s different and why are the Los Cabos better?


They feature:

  • A lighter build,
  • A better squeeze on the head
  • Sweat resistance!


The biggest pro in favour of the Los Cabos is the sweat resistant feature make sure you can use these for just about anything; from Gym to the skate park – Jean-Marc Johannes.

Over all I think these are better for any adventure compared to what is out there in the market. After all, ODT has actually taken the time to make them for sporty people. 

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