What's great about the DJI Mavic Pro

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What's great about the DJI Mavic Pro

[Update] When did the Mavic Pro stock arrive?

By Emmanuel Mudzielwana:

Remember the Mavic Pro rumours? Well it's finally here.

Spoiler alert people, I'm a huge DJI fan, so be warned, I will express my affection for DJI in this blog.

The Mavic - tiny compact drone sized at Height -83mm, Width - 83mm, and Length - 198mm, weighs more than 200g less to a kilo - to be exact this tiny piece of scientific revolutionary art weighs 743g. In case you are not sure what that really means the height of a 750ml bottle of Coca-Cola and weighs less than that bottle itself. It is about just 3.8 cm longer than an average human hand.


This is the first commercial drone in the whole world with an acclaimed to have abilities to land just under 2cm from the point of takeoff if not the exact sport, how you wonder? Well, here is how - this tiny little thing utilises vision cameras underneath it to take a bust of photos without needing your command, and whilst on it on coming back to land use those very pictures to reconfigure itself to that position - now that's intelligence. The obstacle avoidance was taken from the Phantom 4, but they didn't leave it there, it has an advance reaction to obstacles and the location of the forward vision positioning system it is just perfect for it size. Hovers precisely using GPS & GLONASS, the 2 ultrasonic range finders and redundant sensors and the 24 powerful computing cores embedded in drone.


Max ascent speed of 5m/s in sport mode, that means it can fly a height of 2 average human beings - with the other standing atop of the other's head in 1 second, that is fast. Decent 3m/s max speed. Max flight time of 27 minutes (well - know this, none of you will ever reach that time due to the fact that they stated you have to fly at 0 wind, with constant speed of 25kph) with that said, stop hoping for the 27 minutes.

This thing has a range of 7km, and for a drone that fits in your hand, that is very far - believe me you won't see it at 400m from you.


Remember that rumour about the gimbal being 2 axis, DJI did it again - it is the tiniest 3 axis gimbal the company has ever made, and it carries a 4k Ultra HD video camera that shoot 4k videos at 30fps, it is a 12 megapixels with a maximum 8 seconds exposure time. DJI partnered with Adobe so this allows you to use DNG RAW from Adobe.

As I have warned you before starting the blog that this will be a full expansion of my affection to DJI.

The Mavic is the best drone in the world, it is compact intelligent, and not made of cheap plastic but composit material for that feel good moment - well that is all the times you fly the drone

Video from Casey Neistat:

Let's not forget the brilliant DJI video:

You can also check out a bunch of new videos of the Mavic Pro on the DJI's YouTube channel

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