Update: Mavic Pro Arrival

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Update: Mavic Pro Arrival

[Updated 13 March '17] We have stock!! Check out the Mavic Pro & the Fly More Combo. You can read below about the delays and the progress over the last few months since the launch of Mavic Pro on the 27th of September 2016

Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen

Please be ensured that this blog is 100% up to date and will be updated as the news changes.

So, when are we getting stock of the Mavic Pro?


  • From the initial ETA for the Mavic Pro, DJI have communicated that there is a 7 - 8 week delay in shipment, worldwide (according to the announcement on 03 Nov '16).
  • Furthermore, DJI served their own customers before their retailers worldwide - and the interruption of the Chinese New Year (Jan / Feb '17) did not help in this matter. 
  • Manufacturing and shipment is expected to continue from Feb and March 2017.

Date of arrival:

It is expected to arrive in March 2017

Can you secure one by placing a pre-order?

The first few deliveries to South Africa from DJI of the Mavic Pro will be limited quantities. We already have a number of valued customers who have secured their Mavic from these first orders by placing a pre-order. In order to place your pre-order please contact us on 011 781 1323 or sales@actiongear.co.za 

Alternatively you can ask to be added to our waiting list which means that as we hear updates about the DJI Mavic arriving in South Africa we will send an email to you immediately. 

Stock & batches:

Do not worry, Action Gear is sourcing stock from multiple suppliers in order to get you your Mavic Pro when the first batch of stock arrives. 


  • Mike Duncan

    Brad Herridge sent you a pm

  • Warrick Kernes

    Hey Mike Duncan, let me know next time you’re on this side of town as I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and explain to you the situation with DJI and the Mavics. It’s been as frustrating for us dealers as for the customers and we’re being made to look like fools as we continually have to give updates which come across as excuses. It’s been a heck of a way for them to handle a product launch. Warrick, Action Gear’s MD. Cell 082 559 778six.

  • Brad Herridge

    HI mike can you tell me where they have stock?

  • Mike Duncan

    Miklós Szecsei Cancel order here and get it elsewhere, plenty stock in SA now

  • Miklos Szecsei

    Man, I have been pulling my hair out with this flipping order. DJI themselves are now offering 10 working days delivery times for NEW ORDERS as of last week. So, for people who order from DJI directly (which we can’t do because they don’t ship to South Africa) they can place an order and get their Mavic before month-end. Meanwhile I ordered and paid for mine in full on 03 October and I still have nothing. It’s not Action Gear’s fault either, as DJI is screwing over third-party retailers all over the world. There’s a BUNCH of very VERY unhappy people on the official DJI forums because of this. Cannot believe what a rubbish pre-order mess DJI has made with this Mavic.

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