Action Gear – SUP Year End Function

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Action Gear – SUP Year End Function

By Cam "Cambo" Kernes

This year my husband, Warrick, decided to host an out-of-the-ordinary SUP year end function for all his staff at Action Gear which I was very pleased to be able to join in on the action.

Warrick has a good relationship with a company called Star-board who teach people to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) at Emmerentia Dam in Johannesburg and so in discussions with them he decided to host his year end function there. Star-board have an 8 person SUP which is perfect for a group of people to have fun learning to SUP together and for the more ambitious there are single SUP’s available too.

I arrived at Emmerentia Dam for the function a little late as I could only join after work so I was a bit worried I might have already missed out on all the fun. However, I was in luck as I arrived literally as the team were coming back to the start point which meant I could join the next group heading out on the 8 person SUP.

Paddling the 8 person SUP is a lot harder than I expected and it requires each team member to paddle in sync.

Photo by Action Gear DJI Phantom Drone

We quickly learnt that you also need to balance out the strengths of each member as at one point we couldn’t get ourselves to go in a straight line as the one side was paddling harder than the other.

You definitely get an all-body workout doing this sport as you are not only using your arms and shoulders to paddle but also your core to keep yourself upright on the board which is great.

All in all, my whole SUP experience was a lot of fun and I can see why it is fast becoming a very popular sport.

For more photo’s from this fun event click here.

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