Are You Living Or Just Existing?

Are You Living Or Just Existing?

This might not be our typical Action Gear blog but tonight I had an urge to write!

So what is life? Life to me is about embracing the uncertainty, knowing who you are, owning your own time, owning your own creativity and happiness. I’ve seen and met so many people who just live the average 9-5, earn a salary, pay bills and settle on less for what they worth, yet they have so much opportunity right in front of them. One of the reasons we're successful at Action Gear is that we’ve found a good balance between work and play. This weekend I’m taking 5 friends skydiving, I really wish I could do the same for every customer. Allow people to taste the adrenaline, face their fear and embrace the uncertainty. The laughter and cheering that takes place afterwards is absolutely priceless. A day without laughter is a day wasted. I’m a skydiver myself, I’m now however slowly converting into paragliding. To throw yourself out of a plane isn’t something you just do because it’s a so called bucket list activity. It’s about courage, grit, comfort zones, owning your life and as I mentioned earlier, embracing that uncertainty!

I’ve recently read “A mans Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, recommended by Tony Robbins. Viktor was a jewish prisoner, held captive at Auschwitz where 1.1 million people died. He made a real significant observation. Everyone at the camp went through the same experience yet the effect it had on each person was radically different. It all came down to how each prisoner viewed their experience. Some prisoners gave in, that this was their fate, they died. Other prisoners looked for the small wins in life, lived with passion and purpose. They lived.

The above context is so important, its makes me realize more than ever the happiness and potential to make the most of out our lives. I’m inspired to live every moment, value experiences over material desire. I feel at Action Gear we have such a crucial role to play within this mindset. Getting people to experience life with passion, adventure and meaning. I see Action Gear’s path not just selling you products but the best outdoor experience. Being the market experts not merely product experts. Experiences are priceless and will surely become part of our Action Gear product journey. We want to inspire you to live life!!

"Live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!" - Viktor E. Frankl

We might still be a small company but we living life. We taking on the large corporates. Our passion to innovate, create and respect our biggest asset – our loyal customers have been key to our success! Yes we’ve gone through some tough times but we aware of our mistakes and continue to grow. In times where every company competes on price we continue to compete on knowledge, delivery & customer service. We South Africa's online outdoor gear specialists.

I encourage our loyal customers to share our brand, provide constructive feedback and support us. Our dream is to provide our customers with the best outdoor experience. I termed the year 2016, the year for adventure, so please feel free to email me. Come join us skydiving, river rafting or paragliding. If you have any questions about any product let us know. Test drive our brand – I assure you we’ll go out of our way to help you out!

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