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SA's Top 5 Surf Spots

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South African is known for its fantasticly scenic coastlines, so much so that South Africa is often a base camp for surfing champions from around the world. Water currents, direction of winds and water temperature, are all factors that make SA one of the surf meccas of the world. Cape Town has long been known as a coastline destination surfers can shred practically 365 days a year because of its good windy conditions. Other surf spots are known but are predominantly less popular in the grand picture. Take a look at our list of South Arica’s best surf spots.

Bay of Plenty, Durban

Durban is a popular for both holidays and surf trips. You will hardly ever find a day where there no waves over the ocean. Hot weather and warm sea also make the Durban coastline a must visit on any surfing road trip. Local surfers usually gather at Diary or North Beach close to the north most pier.

Long Beach, Cape Town

In Kommetjie, on the Atlantic side of the Southern Cape Peninsula, Long Beach has one of  most consistent shore breaks in the Cape.


Jeffery’s Bay, Eastern Cape

Excellent for lovers of supertubes, this spot Is the known for the consistency and quality of its local tube waves. This spot though is known for its surfer discrimination. New surfers on this coast are often treated with hostility so BEWARE.


The Hoek, West Coast

Only for experienced wave riders, this spot is known as a prime location for finding 3 metre super waves and barrels.


Shark Rock Pier, Eastern Cape

The premier surfing spot in Port Elizabeth host many surfing contests over the competition season. Crowds tend to gather at the end of the nearby pier to watch local surfers thrash the massive, hollow tubes.


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