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Terence reviews the Klipriviersberg trail

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By Brad Edwards AKA Fuzz

Klipriviersberg is a Municipal Nature Reserve that is open to the public for free. It is located in the South of Johannesburg adjacent to the very popular MTB Park known as Thaba Trails. Klipriviersberg boasts amazing trails for the nature loving hiker and more than enthusiastic trail runner. The well run and maintained reserve has 2 entrances; a small north entrance and a bigger main entrance at the south east end of the park. The north entrance has a full time security guard to manage the gate and sign in but does not have secure parking. The main entrance on Cnr Peggy Vera Rd and Frederick Pl has an inside parking lot and full time security. In addition to the ‘secure parking’ there is also access to toilets.

On the Trail:

Klipriviersberg is not short of trails. At the entrance, ask for a map. The map is well detailed and shows the various different colour trails including markers and distance references. You can plan your own tailored route and run/hike it without the fear of going wrong or getting lost. When I ran it, I remembered my route based on colour and just head into the hills.

As seen in the map below, the blue trail is the only trail that runs the full length of the reserve. It’s the only trail I can describe as Jeep Track. Every other trail is rocky, technical single track!

The reserve has plenty of hills and is idea for the intermediate to more experience trail runner. If you are looking to work on your technical skills, speed and hills then I would highly recommend Klipriviersberg.

Unlike Kloofendal, you can get more distance out of Klipriviersberg. You can comfortably get 10-15km out of Klipriviersberg without running the same route. I feel you can run 20km, but you would have to run every trail with a well-planned course.

For me, the technical downhills and open vistas are the real treasure of the reserve. At the high point on the yellow trail you can see a stunning view of Johannesburg CBD and it forces you to think how lucky we are as adventure enthusiast to get out and about.

My last run there:

I ran a combination of trails with friends. Our goal was just to get some time on the legs and have fun. We spent a good amount of time talking nonsense on each view point.

We decided to run the massive sewer pipe too (It doesn’t stink). *Do at your own risk*

Additional Pros:

  • The reserve is well placed; close enough to the highway making it feel like a short drive from home but far enough from the city and so you don’t hear traffic or city noise.
  • “The reserve is home to 150 bird species; 600 plant species; wildlife, including blesbok, zebra and duiker; as well as a rich archaeological site.”
  • The people you meet on the trails are super kind. When running or hiking, make sure you greet. It makes for a nice community feeling.
  • Don’t force hikers of the trail. Wait for them to move, I'm sure they will.
  • Take your own water.
  • The reserve is safe; I have run alone before and felt safe. *Do at your own risk*

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