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Why We Think You Should Buy From Action Gear

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Online shopping has made it easier than ever to price compare to find the best price on the item you want but is the best price always the best deal? Sometimes our price is the best and sometimes it’s not but either way here’s why we think you should choose us as your preferred partner for awesome gear:

  • We know our stuff so we can help guide you to make the best choice for your application so that you get a better experience out of your gear.
  • Free door-to-door courier delivery on orders over R1000. Below that it’s just R79 for the same courier service (we haven’t stepped into a post office in years).
  • We back up all our products with full manufacturer warranties. This is a big one because some fly-by-night SA dealers refuse to offer any after sales support or service.
  • We’re a grass roots company which has built up since 2010 only on the support of our amazing customers. We like to think that we’re nice people and instead of you trawling the net for the best price we’d really appreciate you choosing to support us.

If you’re considering buying from overseas then here’s some more reasons why we think Action Gear is the better choice:

  • Warranty, warranty, warranty! If your overseas item breaks then the local brand importer won’t cover the warranty which means we can’t help you even if we want to. You’ll need to courier it back to the US or China which costs a lot plus it’s a big hassle.
  • Quick delivery. Some overseas sites do delivery super-fast to SA (which is pretty impressive) but most of them don’t. Plus it can be hard to contact them to follow up on the delivery time.
  • The advertised price is often just the first of many costs of an international purchase. You’ll still have to add on international courier costs and import duties when it lands in SA customs.
  • The US retail price excludes GST (which is American for VAT) so in order to compare pricing to the SA retail prices properly you’ll need to deduct 14% from the SA price to get the correct comparison. You’ll be liable to pay the VAT when it comes through customs into SA.
  • Local is lekker!

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