Action Gear - The New Face of Action Cameras

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Action Gear - The New Face of Action Cameras

We're incredibly proud to launch Action Gear which is the successor brand to Action Cameras, which has led the South African market in sports cameras like the GoPro, Drift and for more than three years. In early 2010 we launched Action Cameras as the first and only specialist in this field. Over the years many companies popped up competing for their share of this market which has exploded but we pride ourselves in the fact that we not only remained the market leader but we remained the only one to specialise in this range of cameras.

Our success stemmed from our dedication to giving each customer a positive interaction to remember us by and backing this up with an in-depth knowledge of our product offering. Over the years we've been fortunate enough to win numerous awards and to be recognised through interviews on all the major radio stations and a number of TV shows. You can read more about these awards in the About Us section of the site.

Moving forward under the team name Action Gear we will strive to improve on our strengths to offer an even better product and service offering.

We look forward to dealing with many new customers, vendors, partners and friends in the coming years.

The Action Gear Team

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