Daisy Chain Solar Chargers for Better Effect

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Daisy Chain Solar Chargers for Better Effect

When using the solar charge batteries the common practice is to leave the solar panel in the sun all day connected to the rechargeable battery in order to charge up the battery. Then when arriving at your destination you then plug your phone, camera or any other electronic to the charged up battery source. This is a good way to do it but there is a better way...

While the sun is out connect the charger to the solar panel as before but then you can also connect your electronic device to the battery charger at the same time - one big daisy chain. The resulting effect is that at the end of the day your rechargeable battery has the same amount of power as if you hadn't set up the daisy chain because the discharge through the day brings in more power. You're then left with one or more fully charged devices and a full power battery which can then charge any remaining batteries over night.

A trick however is that not all solar rechargeable battery units can actually work in this way. Of the Powertraveller range the three units which can support a daisy chain are the Power Gorilla, Solar Gorilla, the Solarmonkey Adventurer and the PowerMonkey Extreme.

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