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The Weirdest DIY GoPro Mounts

Posted by Action Gear on

Written By Thato

The world is full of people looking to save on buying mounts for their GoPro and make their own DIY mounts and rigs. Here are a couple of the more…erm…interesting ones.

1) Reminiscent of the movie UP! This Guy’s floats his GoPro instead of a house. He mounts his cam using a Styrofoam x that is squashed into 50 helium filled balloons. NICE!

2) For fast moving long line shots, this fellow was creative enough to create his very own cable cam out of his GoPro.

3) A short trip to the hardware store, 3 minute of time and bam, you have yourself a windshield mount.

4) For water lovers, this GoPro rig is made completely out of PVC. Lightweight operation with included flashlight.

5) Why not add a GoPro to your bait on your next fishing trip.

After all these weird and wonderful mounts, rest assured that Action Gear stocks a wide of original GoPro Mounts and accercories.

Action Gear does not recommend using or making any of the mounts/rigs/accessories on this blog post. Strictly for laughs and giggles.

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