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DHL Germany Testing Delivery Drones

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In the wake of Amazon announcing it's plans of using flying drones to deliver parcels, the German branch of international delivery service DHL, have begun their own plans into swing. According to the Deutsche post company, full testing of the flying copter is currntly under-way in the German capital.

The technology behind the service, is the the use of a multi rotor helicopter that is pilot less and self-driven. Although the drones that will be tested in the week long experiment are remote controlled, company spokesperson Tomas Kutsch has says that future models will rely solely on GPS navigation for flight navigation.

"All flights currently done are strictly a research project to see if the technology works and there are no plans yet to start actual drone deliveries. The test flights have been clear for permission from local aviation authorities."

The service looks to be a great innovation in the quest for faster delivery time but the idea has been met with a few questions of uncertacy.

Collin UK - "If it really took off you'd have hundreds if not thousands of drones in action, all the time. Do you really want these little bugs flying all over your head?"

Justin USA - "And... who will ring on my door bell?"

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