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Discovering Three Firs and Tranquility Cracks

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By Fareed Behardien

After about 4.5kms of running along the Pipe Track we came to a sudden stop. Taahir pointed to the cairn on the rock ledge next to us and said, “Welcome to Three Firs”. After a few hops up the rock steps, he motioned towards Tammy and me to join him. No signs, random paths and what looked like a bit of scrambling ahead. Where the heck were we heading…?


The start of the Three Firs route is about midway between Woody Ravine and Slangolie Ravine on the Pipe Track. It is not particularly difficult to ascend, however steep drop-offs on the right of the trail gives it an EPIC feel as you make your way up Table Mountain next to Slangolie Ravine.


Steep, slippery underfoot at times, dramatic views and a massive sense of adventure – this sums up Three Firs :)

The climb up was fantastic as you arrive right next to the “Saucy Dog” rock formation. I wouldn’t recommend descending down Three Firs as the path is loose and there are some tricky sections – my spidey sense would also caution against attempting this route when it’s wet out.

We followed the Apostles Path towards Llandudno. After another 1km of running (and a bit of clambering up rocks), Taahir turned right on a short bit of single track. The trail was slightly overgrown as we squeezed past the fynbos. I was sweeping (aka the slow one at the back) and tried to keep Tammy in sight, when suddenly she disappeared through a small gap between a Yellowwood and a rock.


Taahir had led us straight to Tranquility Cracks!

Like a portal to a new dimension, we found ourselves in a series of corridors like a maze between massive rocks on top of Table Mountain. A real hidden gem with the most amazing view of Lion’s Head and the Back Table.

Lots of photos and a few snacks later, we returned to the Apostles Path and ran back towards Kasteelspoort. A quick stop off at the Old Cableway (some more pics of course) and then it was down Kasteelspoort and back along the Pipe Track to the start.

Following lessor known routes with zero signage and exploring Table Mountain. What a way to start a Saturday.

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