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Valentines Day With The Black Sheep

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And here it is! Extreme skate bungee on Valentines Day with the BlackSheep. 
“Most people take out their loved significant, being boyfriend or girlfriend. The BlackSheep Krew decided to rather have the time of their lives with the most loved Pin-Up Girls (printed on the under side of their longboards) as a team instead! With the likes of Ginger, Roxanne, Tiffany, Brandy, Lacey, Annika, and Daisy, they all went for an extreme Skate-Bungee Jump. 100m high in the air at Orlando Towers in Soweto, they strapped themselves in (guys and boards) for a world spinning skate off the ramp at the top of the bridge between the two towers. 
Most people build the courage to just jump off, the BlackSheep skated off and what happened next… 
Is absolutely incredible! 
Shout-out to all the beautiful ladies out there! We love you all, we just love extreme more! “

Filmed with a Drone from Action Gear. get your own Drone here

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