The First Wearable Drone

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The First Wearable Drone

The concept of wearable tech is not only becoming more common, but also more daring. The idea of a phone on your watch a while back was crazy, yet now all the more acceptable… maybe even expected.

One piece of tech I bet you never thought of, just like me, was a wearable drone.  You heard right, a wearable drone.

The average consumer was shocked with the concept of Lily, its not uncommon for myself to have someone bring up that ‘Drone that follows you’ while training with clients or on set doing a sports shoot. The concept of an autonomous drone is awesome, but someone has taken it one step further Maybe even a few steps further, by not only making a drone autonomous but also wearable and so much more portable.

Meet Nixie!

Nixie is the first wearable drone that surprisingly enough has been in the news for much longer than expected. Nixie was actually conceived in 2014 and put on show when the founders won the Intel ‘Make It Wearable Challenge’ and the first ‘working’ one was on display at CES 2015. While it was only a small demo, its pretty sic!

Just like the Lily, The concept video is to drive interest in hopes that when they go on sale, they will fly out the door. I imagine the actual Nixie is nowhere near to being on shelves, not even in time for Christmas 2016. According to their web and based on the video we can expect the following:

  • Swiveling internal camera with 1080p Video
  • Autonomous flying
  • Boomerang mode
  • And Stills

More has been promised but as to what, we will have to wait and see.

Would you want one? What will you use it for? Let us know. @TVrugtman and @ActionGear_SA


  • Christo Pieterse

    I am looking forward in getting this for my mtb and surf trips

  • Joy van der Heyde

    How much does the Nixie cost?

  • Clinton Tait


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