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Launching the new Action Gear website

Posted by Action Gear on

Written by Warrick Kernes, Action Gear MD. 
The world of eCommerce is evolving every day and these improvements often open up new opportunities for us to utilize new tech in a more efficient way and to offer a superior service to our clients. As a tech company Action Gear not only needs to stay at the cutting edge of eCommerce but we also want to take full advantage of the new applications coming onto the market.
We're now excited to have joined the likes of Red Bull, Tesla Motors, LA Lakers and many other eCommerce experts who have launched a Shopify based eCommerce store.
Many of the improvements and advancements of having Action Gear based on this new platform are improvements in workflow processes behind the scenes so our internal team shared endless stoke about how easy it is and how much better our processes have now become. The seamless workflows mean that we can process orders quicker with minimal chance of errors and the courier tracking is much improved. All of this adds up to a better user experience for our valued customers.
There are also terrific improvements on the front end of our website to improve customers user experience. Some of these improvements include more intuitive menus, smarter product search, smart product recommendations, awesome product bundling options, improved blog layout, improved live chat and more. Adding new features to our site is now super easy so keep an eye out for more future improvements coming soon like the soon-to-launch Action Gear Customer Rewards Program. 
With us being based on this new platform we can also be much more responsive to customer suggestions. Many of our new products and website changes in the past have originated from customer requests and suggestions so please don't hesitate to get in touch with further suggestions and recommendations.
Share your thoughts on our new site in the comments section below. Happy browsing!

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  • Hi Stefan! Thanks for the feedback. We agree that the yellow was not working. We decided to change this to solid black instead :)

    Action Gear on
  • Love the new layout guys, loads of sites these days are just bulking up on content and straying from their core, good move! Nice and easy to navigate, with categories that are relevant. Keep up the good work!

    Oliver Roberts on
  • I like what you did with the website, I like the layout and the background.
    The pricing needs maybe just a shadow as I find hard to read them.
    Really loving the work you done on the website, keep up the good work!

    Stefan on

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