The Crash And Burn Of The Lily Drone

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The Crash And Burn Of The Lily Drone

By Warrick Kernes

The Lily Drone rocked the internet with this video released nearly two years ago but even until now we've not been able to get our hands on any. Despite it never coming to market I still get people asking me for the Lily Drone by name or at the least people ask about that drone you can throw off a bridge to start the flight or that drone which you can launch out of the water. Now sadly though Lily is never going to fly... 

The bright guys behind this tech have stated that despite their huge crowd funding success and having searious amounts of cash injected to get their production started they needed yet another round of funding and haven't been able to get a funder to back them this time around. Here's an exert from the email they sent out: 

"We have been racing against a clock of ever-diminishing funds. Over the past few months, we have tried to secure financing in order to unlock our manufacturing line and ship our first units – but have been unable to do this. As a result, we are deeply saddened to say that we are planning to wind down the company and offer refunds to customers" 

We've been saying for a while that this video which was such a success for them was also going to be their downfall. They showed their cards early and were then slow to deliver allowing their competitors time to see what the consumers were looking for and how they could build this into their own drones. As yet there aren't any other drones which you can throw into the air to start it up but there are plenty of water proof drones and plenty of their competitors adopted the follow-me feature and quickly implemented it into their own tech.

It's sad to see an internet sensation like this tumble but they have taken the honourable decision to refund all of their crowd funding customers in full. Thankfully this will go a long way to keep the faith in crowd funded ideas in the future. 

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  • Nigel Allen

    Surely, the market is too saturated with so many drones!!

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