The Action Gear Team Bungee, Play at Height in Fourways

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The Action Gear Team Bungee, Play at Height in Fourways

By Brad Edwards AKA Fuzz

Recently the Action Gear team was invited by 'Play At Height' to their launch in Fourways. A few of the team went through to meet some interesting folks and got to bungee off the top of the tower that I'm sure a lot of Joburgers have seen by now. We took our GoPros with us so that we had something awesome to share after. TJ, Mike, John-Micheal and myself each took that step off the platform, it was my first bungee and I have the pleasure of sharing our jumps with you.

"What a great Wednesday to have the chance to go for a Bungee after work. I wasn't aware that it would have been so awesome but while sitting in the traffic on my way to Play At Height on Witkoppen and William Nicole, I wondered if sitting in the traffic was worth it. Glad I stuck it out because as I turned onto Witkoppen from Main, I was greeted by the bright lights of the huge structure that was very difficult to miss. I arrived and it was clear that the guys who built and designed the Sky Bar had done a proper job and suddenly I was beyond stoked to get to jump. At a height of 60 meters, after a really enthusiastic team helped me sign all the documents and get booked in, I was suddenly at the top looking over the whole of Joburg at one of the coolest bars around.

I was introduced to some very professional gents who helped me get strapped up and while sitting there I was able to really take in the awesome atmosphere and what has been done here, just around the corner. After a short time and a quick brief of what's going to happen my toes were off the edge of the platform and I was looking at the top of Monte Casino. I was counted down and felt like I was about to jump into Witkoppen Road, I took the leap. All in all it was one of the best bungee jumps I have done, with a really great atmosphere and cool people running the place. This is definitely something I recommend everyone should try, especially because it's so close. If you don't want to jump then a drink at the Skybar is something spectacular and I will be going back for sure in the future. Good work and thanks to the 'Play At Height' team for an adrenaline filled Wednesday. " - Mike


"A special big-ups to the Play at Height Bungee Staff for an awesome Wednesday afternoon! They effortlessly eased you into jumping off a ledge right over a steel fence and made it feel less like a suicide attempt and more of a euphoria. Couple this with anxiety, too many energy drinks and the tower seemed to sway but that was just the energy drinks and the urge to call it quits." - TJ (It was swaying!)

The Action Gear team received an awesome request from Play At Height: "Would we be willing to come film ourselves bungee jump".Without much need for consideration, we loaded up our GoPro Hero 4, Handler grip and Chesty chest mount, and drove to Fourways. After signing my life away, I headed up the tower to kit up. The staff were super professional, and very friendly. Finally it was time to jump! This was different to any bungee I have done in the past. One of the unique features of Play At Height Fourways is that they offer night time jumps. I highly recommend this! It gave a completely different experience to day time jumping. Another cool addition is the Sky Bar, which is also really helpful for nervous, first time jumpers. Great fun, I will definitely be back!" - John-Michael

Now for my 2 cents, I was amazing! I was nervous as it was my first jump but that was just a regular day for the staff as they calmly explained the steps and safety checks. As you can see in the video, I had to close my eyes just before taking the leap, as my logic just kept taking over. Jumping off that ledge was on of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. A big thank you to Play At Height! With one of the best views around, the Skybar is really something. Why not skip the traffic this afternoon, go bungee and have a drink after.

To book a bungee jump with Play At Height click here


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