Top 10 Driving Roads in Cape Town #1

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Top 10 Driving Roads in Cape Town #1

By Jacques Viljoen

So deciding I wanted to do something a little different to my usual product reviews. I pondered for a while about what I could do that would be a nice step away from the reviews and features. Then it dawned on me with a great drive along the coast, what if I did a feature about the Top Driving roads in Cape Town. We live in a very beautiful country and I am fortunate enough to live in the best city in South Africa, Cape Town. Just within a 150 kilometer radius from where I stay, you will find Karoo like bushveld, beautiful coastal roads and stunning wine valleys.

Top 10 Driving Roads in Cape Town

  • Route name: Gordon’s Bay to Rooi Els
  • Road: R44 (Faure Marine Drive)
  • Starting Point: 34°10'1.98"S, 18°51'27.80"E
  • Finishing Point: 34°17'49.77"S, 18°49'21.21"E
  • Distance: +- 20 Kilometers
  • Road surface quality: 8 out of 10
  • Scenery: 7 out of 10

Gear used:

With all that out the way, on to the first road in this series:

A short introduction to me and my car:


Although I consider myself a true petrol head, I am by no means a racing driver. But according to me, a true petrol head should make the most of the car he or she drives. Whether it is a Polo or a Porsche, as long as you just have fun. I drive a 2007 VW Polo 1.6 petrol, which is not a fast car, but it handles very well. Even though it is slow, it is still a fun car to drive.


The road between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els is a true stunner featuring long straights, tight corners, hairpins, beautiful ocean and mountain views. If you are the type of driver that loves to hit the apex in the corner perfectly, this stretch of road will not disappoint you. There are plenty of tight corners with nice straights in between, which really makes it feel like you’re on a race track or even James Bond with the panoramic views.


The views on this route are spectacular. To your left you’re against a mountain cliff and to your right you have kilometres of open Atlantic Ocean.


The great thing about this road is the fact that you don’t have to drive recklessly fast to enjoy it. I did about 80 – 90 km/h most of the time and I had a blast. Just keep an eye out for cyclists. There are plenty of stopping and picnic areas along the road, both on the mountain and ocean side.

I am very excited to see where this series will take me. I know there are places that I haven’t discovered yet.

If you want to make a route suggestion, or have any questions, you can tweet me at @jacquesv569.

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